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The God of YouTube, also known as YouTube recommendations, has recently chosen a new YouTuber to dominate the Internet. It is no secret that the YouTube algorithm has never failed to surprise or puzzle us with fresh, unique content now and then. No one seems to know how it works. Today is no exception. Mr. Heang Update, a YouTuber from Cambodia has been making waves on the internet and has only been active in the YouTube creators’ scene for barely 6 months. His content? Building jungle homes and making primitive traps.

Skip to the truth: Are these primitive building videos genuine?

You can visit Mr. Heang’s Update YouTube Channel here.

Watch: Mr. Heang Update’s Building The Greatness Jungle Leaf House

It is delightful to see that jungle survival skills, which probably is pretty common just a few decades ago, is now refreshing content on our YouTube feeds. Mr. Heang Update has beaten the algorithm with God knows what technique and building a variety of different jungle homes in a part of a forest in Cambodia.

The channel also states that these videos are to depict their (Cambodians) daily activity in the forest and what they do in order to survive and thrive. Every video is hard work, where they could take 10-30 days to bring the jungle home ideas to fruition. Not to mention, the professional videography and editing skills, one can only wonder how much effort is spent into these videos for our enjoyment.

Building Underground House With Swimming Pool – The Video that really blew the channel up

On 16 May 2019, Mr. Heang Update uploaded a video that really went big. It alone garnered 49 million views to date, and that number is still going up at rocket speeds. Have a look and witness the ancient skills at play:

Watch: Building Underground House With Underground Swimming Pool

This project took 28 days to build/film, and we can see how the local was able to build the underground house and pool from scratch with no modern tools at all.

And as usual, the YouTube comments are priceless.

2519:”this must be the tomb of the late emperor of the world”

2019:”underground pool fort”

Dys. Funcshinal Comment on Mr heang

Mr. Heang Update isn’t the only Cambodian Sensation on YouTube

Dwelling more into this topic, the Guidesify Team has found that there are numerous channels from Cambodia that mimics the same video genre and concept as Mr. Heang Update. Sure enough, most of these channels are just as intriguing and are absolutely satisfying to watch. 

Watch: Unique Fishing Trapping System | Man Use PVC Pipe Can Catch A Lot Of Eels & Fish by Cambodia Adventure

This channel revolves around building animal traps to live a sustainable life in the wild if you ever get lost in the woods. The thumbnails do look shady and definitely fake, more on that later on.

Watch: Build Most Amazing Secret Ancient Underground Deep Pool With Secret Underground House by Primitive Unique Tool

This YouTuber Channel has almost the same concept as Mr. Heang’s Update but has a more specific focus on aesthetically appealing underground pools.

Watch: Awesome Quick Bird Trap Using A Leg Snare Platform Trap – Easy Best Bird Trap That Work 100% by CAM Daily

Another DIY animal trap channel that has gone viral more than a year ago.

Watch: Build The Most Secret Ancient Underground Temple And Swimming Pool

A channel that has over 3.7 million subscribers, Tube Unique Wilderness focuses on underground pools as well but its videos usually consist of a team of 2 diggers.

Read all about Tube Unique Wilderness here!

These Cambodian YouTube Channels All Seem to have something in common

After surfing on YouTube for hours, one can’t help but realise that these Cambodian YouTubers seem too identical to each other as if they were all kickstarted by the same guy. They are strangely all created around the same time frame, use the same type of videography and editing techniques, and there weren’t much talking or commentary in the videos.

Could someone or some organisation be lending a hand to these Cambodians? Offering his or her expertise in this field to help them make a livelihood out of these videos? Who knows? Only time will tell.

2022 Update: Time Did Tell

3 years since we covered Mr. Heang, numerous YouTubers have called out these Primitive technology channels as fake.

A 5’6 YouTuber, MoistCr1TiKaL (also known as penguinz0, Cr1TiKaL, Charlie), was one of the first few people who speaks the truth.

After 2 gruelling years of being told otherwise, moist was finally vindicated by SunnyV2’s detailed exposé on how the videos are fake, from the digging, to the concrete, to the painting.

Only one, Primitive Technology, who set the foundation of primitive building videos and baseline of what is logically achievable in a natural setting, is legitimate.

So there you have it.

The videos might be entertaining to watch, but they are most definitely 100% staged.


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