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Best known for being Nick Young in Crazy Rich Asians, Henry Golding is ironically not Singaporean but Malaysian. Nevertheless, he is based in Singapore and lives with his beautiful wife, Liv Lo. As an upcoming talented actor, Henry Golding is well praised to be highly sought for by the industry after only a few but notable gigs. Here are some fast facts to get the juicy details about him.

Henry Golding Bio:


Full Name: Henry Ewan Golding


Born: 5 February 1987 (Betong, Sarawak, Malaysia)


Net Worth: Unknown as of 2018


Height and Weight: 185cm/81kg



Spouse: Liv Lo (since 2016)


Nationality: Malaysian


Career: Actor, Model, Television Host

Watch: Surviving Borneo where Henry Golding returns to his roots to complete his journey of manhood.


Likes Interest & Hobbies: Muay Thai, Yoga, Wake Boarding, Animal Lover, Hairstylist, Photography

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Henry Golding is full of mystery.

It is no secret that Crazy Rich Asians was Henry’s very first Hollywood movie (he was recommended by a lovely lady in the accounting department named Lisa Kim). Heck, his last movie before that was in 2009.

In The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Golding stated that he wore several hats before actually making it big into the film industry. He was labelled the “sexual healer” in his end-of-year book. Little did we knew that he is also part Iban and has taken a 2 months long Iban rite of passage, which was documented on the Surviving Borneo TV series on the Discovery Channel.

Most recently, it is reported that Henry Golding has also started a production company named Long House Productions with two films already in the making.

One can only wonder how many other lives he had before becoming what he is today.

Watch: Henry Golding talks about his previous life before Crazy Rich Asians


Henry Golding And Wife Liv Lo – The Dream Couple?

Met on the first day of 2011, Mr and Mrs Golding caught each other’s eyes and fell in love shortly afterwards. Henry then proposed 4 years later after the first date and tied the knot at a dreamy garden ceremony in Golding’s hometown, Sarawak, Malaysia.

However, the downside to having successful careers is that the couple spends a lot of time apart from each other. Moreover, it is also apparent that the biggest struggle for them was to be able to accept that Golding will be on screen “falling in love with someone else”. Regardless of all these challenges in their relationship where some would have given up, the two took it as part of a learning process and allowed their love to continue blossoming. What a story to tell.


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Watch: Henry Golding plays with Kittens while answering questions from fans

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