Tube Unique Wilderness: Southeast Asian Dynamic Duo Becoming YouTube Stars

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YouTube. Let’s face it. Most of the things we watched aren’t even searched up by us. Call us slaves to technology but the algorithm ‘recommendations’ are always that click-worthy to us. Watch a little every day and you may have noticed amongst these recommendations is a channel that seems to take you back to prehistoric times, living alongside the Neanderthals. Triggering the primal side of us, Tube Unique Wilderness is here to show us how to live like a king in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.

Tube Unique Wilderness Makes Primal Sounds & Calls that are somehow ASMR

Most of these Southeast Asian caveman videos are really professional. And by professional, we mean that there are no words uttered throughout their videos, only grunts, howls and cries.

Here’s a video filled with tons of caveman calls:

Recreating scenes of how the ancient people would live, Tube Unique Wilderness usually features a duo building unbelievably aesthetic looking structures at almost humanly-impossible speeds. They look primitive or even sound primitive, but we believe this is all part of an act… to get your views (possibly money for their village). Obviously.

Before the end of each video, that is, when the amazing architecture is complete, be sure to stay put and hear the duo’s iconic cries of triumph as they flop around their DIY pool aimlessly like fishes taken out of the water (ironic, we know).

Unanswered Questions to the Mysterious Cambodian Youtubers

Just like Mr. Heang Update, Tube Unique Wilderness is one of the many unnamed YouTube channels that started posting such videos out of nowhere starting just a little over a year ago.

No one knows how these videos came about, the authenticity of these videos, and who gets the share of the profits. 

As primal videos start to trend every now and then, these burning questions continue to go unanswered. The amount of speculation by everyone is going off the charts and here are some of the possibilities cooked up by the Internet:

  • The YouTube Ad money either goes to a village or the cameraman who promised them gold and riches. 
  • The cameraman is probably regarded as the “saviour” of the village who gave them another source of revenue (that’s if they actually receive the YouTube Ad money) 

Know the real answer to their mysterious beginnings? Let us know in the comments below or contact us!

Netizens Go Wild with Insane Ideas for these ‘Ancient prehistoric’ Structures

While watching these videos, it is easy to have thoughts like this:

Tube Unique Wilderness Comment 1

“Just imagine walking in the woods and you just find a whole city of just homes and pools etc all made out ta wood mud and bamboo”

Bob the 3rd

Of course, it is very likely that these structures are not permanent and will probably wash off in a couple of months.

Tube Unique Wilderness Comment 2

“Govt should make parks on these projects”

Faheem G

Wow. Just imagine the surge in tourism if this idea actually comes into fruition.

Enjoy watching their wilderness survival videos? Or feeling disturbed by them whacking down termite mounds for the purpose of waterproofing their villa pools? Whatever it is, primitive living videos like Tube Unique Wilderness are attracting millions of hits on YouTube as they continue to awaken the inner primal beasts within all of us.


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