People Try Walking Their Cats And It Did Not End Well

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It is so natural for people to be walking their dogs, but has anyone ever thought about walking a cat instead? BuzzFeedVideo definitely has. In this video, they have somehow managed to get three volunteers to try walking their cats with a leash. And you guessed it. It did not end well at all. Take a look at this preposterous yet cute video of confused cats being tied up against their will. No cats were harmed in the making of this video. Only the owner’s ego.

Watch: People Try Walking Their Cats by BuzzFeedVideo

Owner Claims that her Cat is very obedient and exhibit doglike behaviour

Iris, the owner of Riceball (cute name for a cat), is a person who craves for outdoor kitty adventures. She claimed that Riceball is more of a dog cat and doesn’t scratch and stuff. There is one huge problem for this experiment before though: Riceball has never been outside before, that is, haven’t physically touched the ground before.


Shortly after, we can see Riceball struggling to go outside and eventually gave up even moving the slightest bit. From there on, it was just Internet gold. Iris is seen dragging her cat forcefully throughout the experiment but downplays it by saying that she expected it to be a lot worse. Riceball refuses to budge and Iris admitted that they barely move more than 3 steps outside the front door.

Cat Behaviour Specialist Explains Benefits of Walking Cat on a Leash

Resident cat-walking expert Rocco was the only person who was seen in the video walking his cat like a pro. Yes, he managed to walk it like a regular dog. Started out as a cat care attendant and now cat behaviour specialist at the San Francisco SPCA, he explains that walking cats on a leash allows them to get the outdoor time they need while ensuring that there is no chance of them getting mauled or carried away by a coyote.

Rocco walking cat bubba

How does he do it? Rocco explains that if a cat knows you want something, it will not do it. So to make cats do something indirectly for you, you must trick them into thinking that they are the ones who want it.

However, things start to get real trippy. He started going off tangent by stating that humans are built to serve cats and that this is why the ancient Egyptians worshipped them. Rocco declared that he lives only to serve his cat and will provide whatever services Bucca requires from him. Yikes! What a way to put your pet high on the pedestal.

As usual, the Internet went wild.

You serve your dog its food. The dog thinks: “He gives me food. He must be a god!”
You serve your cat it’s food.
The cat thinks: “He gives me food. I must be a god!”

Murtor Cute Cats

Walking a cat on a leash is like driving a boat on dry land. It isn’t happening.

Razorback9926 walking their cats

It’s really funny how the cats resemble their owners.

Caroline Hermans Walking Cats


“I live to serve my cat” Please give this man a medal

J J Serve Cat Egyptian


What do you think of this experiment? Should cats be on a leash like dogs as well? Is it inhumane to drag a cat across the pavement just because it doesn’t want to move? Let us know in the comments below!



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