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It’s that time of the year again, the new release of the iPhone. As expected, the prices for the iPhone has skyrocketed. The most expensive iPhone XS Max is a whopping $2,349.00 according to the official Apple website.

iPhone XS MAX prices capacity

iPhone XS prices capacity

In summary the prices are as follows:

iPhone XS:

64GB – S$1,649.00

256GB – S$1,889.00

512GB – S$2,199.00


iPhone XS Max:

64GB – S$1,799.00

256GB – S$2,039.00

512GB – S$2,349.00


Of course, this caused a huge uproar. We have handpicked the best reactions online across various platforms. In case the screenshots aren’t clear, we have written them down below each photo.

Here are their reactions for the iPhone XS:

Aaron Flores iPhone comment


With the launch of the iPhone Xs the price on the iPhone 8 will drop which means I will finally be able to afford the iPhone 4

Ok there are definitely people waiting for the price drop on iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, but this guy is on the next level.


Shahriar Ahmed iPhone comment

Basically, Apple’s 2018 keynote introduces the features that came in Note 8 (2017) and earlier Samsung phones.

– IP68 dust & water resistant
– Depth control in portrait shots
– Stereo audio recording

Congratulations Apple, you finally reached 2017! 👏

Yup, the classic Samsung or Android is better than Apple comment.


Sabrina Mendez Lopez iPhone comment

Can this phone perform Dialysis? Asking for a friend.

Mortgage company: Why are you late on your mortgage?

Me: Well the iPhone XS came out,sooo….

Mortgage company: Well hopefully the iPhone xs comes with an app to put a roof over your head!

1500.00 🖕🏼

Our answer: Probably not now. But hey! Apple is going big on Apple Health. Who knows if this is possible in the future? Even if the technology is there, we will probably need to add on another $2000.00 to access this feature.

By the way, nice finger.


Blizzerac Reddit iPhone comment

I don’t know what’s worse, that Apple can get away selling phones for the price of a new desktop or that someone is actually going to buy it.

Indeed. With 2k, we can build a decent gaming pc with some money left. We always wonder why people are willing to spend so much on a phone. Perhaps one of the next commenters have the answer?


Katashi90 Reddit iPhone comment

1. Go there and add everyone as friends on FB.

2. Take selfies tgt saying how exciting it is to get their new phone.

3. Everytime when these jokers say cost of living too high/whine about bills or fares increase, tag them in that post with the picture you’ve taken with them.

4. Go to Cinnabar Island and stock up em Burn Heals.

(Context: Long queue at Apple Store for the new iPhones)

Everyone is complaining about the cost of living and can’t pay for this or that. Yet, so many of us are still willing to spend $2000 on a phone.

On a more serious note, most of these people are probably people looking to resell their phone for a quick buck. No burn heals needed.


ArchonUniverse Reddit iPhone comment

Only a fool would spend $2000+ on a phone when there are so many WAY cheaper options available.

There are only 3 types of people who spend $2000+ on a phone: 1) Fools

2) Rich people who want to flaunt their wealth

3) People who don’t know much about technology and just buy whatever is new on the market.

He is right. There are tons of phones in the market that costs significantly less and perform decently well.


Goodbye Mr Black Hardwarezone Forums

Girls get wet for you, when they see you using MAX with 512GB.

Hehe. Might be true, might not be true. Depends.


Dolcefarniente Hardwarezone Forums

where can i sell liver/kidney for the new iPhone Xs max 512gb? Tiagong its almost 2.5k

Please don’t. It’s not good for yourself. And illegal too.


sinicker Hardwarezone Forums

Grab surge 1.2x = complain




Guilty as charged for the grab surge part.


52813 Facebook Comment iPhone

#52813:  I was sitting behind this person from my tutorial group. I overhead him asking people around him (maybe his friends??) if anyone noticed something special and new about him.. Some thought it was a new hairstyle or clothes or shoes etc.. But he got very pissed and left the lesson soon after nobody noticed his new $2000 iPhone XS MAX. I loled. Didn’t know iPhone became a fashionable status symbol..

Hue hue hue… Looks like someone tried to hao lian but failed and became salty.



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