Anwar Jibawi: An OG Viner

Anwar Jibawi: An OG Viner
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Do you still remember the famous American short-form video-hosting service Vine?

Anwar Jibawi, the Palestinian-American sensation, burst onto the digital scene with his uproarious six-second sketches on Vine and amassed nearly 4 million followers before the platform’s closure.

What Did He Do After Vine

Although Vine was taken down, this setback was no obstacle for Anwar Jibawi. Anwar quickly bounced back and partnered up with Shots Studios to launch his YouTube channel in mid-2016.

Anwar Jibawi’s YouTube channel

Today, Anwar skyrocketed to fame, he now boasts an impressive 11.6 million subscribers who eagerly watch him metamorphose into outrageous characters in side-splitting videos, often featuring popular YouTubers like Lele Pons, Inanna Sarkis, and Hannah Stocking.

On Tiktok Anwar Jibawi has a massive following of 14.6 million and on Instagram he has 15 million followers, both overtaking his subscriber count on YouTube.

Anwar Jibawi’s Tiktok page

Anwar Jibawi’s Instagram page

In January 2017, Jibawi even helped former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson launch a YouTube page and has frequently collaborated with Mike Tyson to make comedy sketches!🤯

A video on Mike Tyson’s YouTube channel titled Crazy Neighbour where he collaborated with Mike Tyson

A video on Anwar’s YouTube channel titled Worst Liar where Anwar collaborated with Mike Tyson

The Comedy Maestro

Anwar Jibawi’s comedic genius lies in his ability to transform into outrageous wacky characters, and mastery of physical comedy, employing funny facial expressions, exaggerated movements, and impeccable timing to draw fits of laughter without uttering a single word.

A comedy sketch video on Anwar Jibawi’s YouTube channel about a cowardly MMA fighter

People love Anwar’s comedy sketches because they can relate to the content being made.

Whether he’s poking fun at an average person’s everyday situations or common experiences, his skits resonate with his audience.

Even when Major brands like Nike sponsored Anwar Jibawi, he can integrate sponsored content into his videos without the sponsorship feeling forced or boring, unlike other content creators, a real testament to his comedic skills.

Not Just A One Trick Pony

But Jibawi’s talents don’t end with comedy, he is also a gifted dancer and actor.

He showcases his skills in various videos and even makes appearances in movies and TV shows, such as Family Switch and Airplane Mode.

Anwar Jibawi’s versatility shines as he effortlessly transitions between characters and accents, keeping audiences hooked with his wide array of skills.

Famous Yet Charitable

Anwar Jibawi isn’t just your average internet content creator, he also loves to give back to his community. 

Anwar Jibawi actively participates in charitable initiatives, using his platform to raise awareness and funds for important causes, leading his followers to respect him even more. 

Anwar Jibawi raising awareness of Palestine Israel conflict 

A Culinary Adventure

Unexpectedly, Anwar Jibawi opened a Middle Eastern fusion restaurant in Los Angeles called Anwar’s Kitchen.

Anwar’s Kitchen serves dishes with a fusion of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours created by Anwar Jibawi and his mother, Amal. 

Anwar’s Kitchen features dishes based on Amal’s traditional recipes, with a touch of Anwar’s creative flair, drawing in crowds eager for a delicious and authentic dining experience.

However, Anwar’s Kitchen isn’t just your average restaurant, it’s a labour of love for Anwar Jibawi and his mother.

Amal’s dedication to quality is evident in every dish, ensuring patrons experience a true taste of his home. 

Plans For The Future

Anwar Jibawi’s story is far from over, he plans to expand on Anwar’s Kitchen while maintaining a focus on content creation.

Quality and authenticity are of utmost importance to Anwar Jibawi’s vision, to ensure that each dish reflects his passion for Middle Eastern cuisine.

Despite Anwar’s busy schedule, he remains connected to his restaurant, spending an hour a day ensuring his patrons receive an unforgettable dining experience.

Anwar Jibawi is a multi-talented comedian who continues to captivate audiences with his creative zany sense of humour, talent, and commitment to creating quality work, both on and off the screen. 

As Anwar Jibawi continues to expand his brand, one thing is clear, Anwar Jibawi’s fame is only on the rise.💯

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