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Who is Jamie Chua? Why is she so rich? If it wasn’t for the extensive coverage by different lifestyle sites, most Singaporeans wouldn’t even know who Jamie Chua is. Claimed by multiple sources as a Singapore socialite or “Singapore’s Queen of Instagram”, Jamie Chua is actually very popular in Indonesia rather than in her home country. Here is why.

Jamie Chua $450,000 Alimony Divorce with Rich Ex-Husband

Jamie Chua Ex Husband Nurdian Cuaca

At the point when Chua was twenty years of age, she met her ex-husband who was an Indonesian businessman named Nurdian Cuaca while filling in as a flight attendant at Singapore Airlines. They later wedded and had two kids, Calista and Cleveland. Her significant other turned into a tycoon from business investments and ventures After fifteen years of marriage Chua sought a legal separation in February 2010 after Cuaca allegedly had an affair. While others account a $332,000 per month alimony, Chua battled to get a $450,000 month to month alimony. The separation was settled out of court in 2011 after Chua had Cuaca’s assets frozen and got an unspecified sum of cash and properties in the divorce.

Owning a Crazy Rich Asians-like Closet and Lifestyle

Most of her filthy rich lifestyle can be inferred from this short sneak peek into Jamie Chua’s closet. We will reserve our comments about her to remain neutral and unbiased in our short little guide. It is normal to have mixed views towards her grandiose lifestyle. 

Watch Video: Fingerprint-Protected Closet by Bonker Closets

Fingerprint-Protected Closet, Singapore

Jamie Chua is a Singaporean socialite with a 700-square-foot closet with fingerprint access and over 300 pairs of shoes!

Posted by Bonkers Closets on Thursday, February 22, 2018

In summary, she owns a:

– 700 square foot closet; stated that she requires more closet space

– Himalayan Birkin bag, arguably the most expensive bag in the World

– A huge collection of at least 200 Hermès bags, ranging from $8,000 to $300,000

– 300 pairs of shoes with a total worth of at least $450,000

– A 30 Kg Gown, a Gucci Fur Coat and tons of dresses

Reap The Rewards Even Without A Gym?

Jamie Chua said that she has never been to a gym. In her entire life. Ever. But why does this photo exist then?

Jamie Chua Private Gym

Two Possibilities: Probably endorsing a brand or Chua was referring to a public gym.

This 45-year old, however, still exercises, does yoga regularly as well as going for various treatments such as Cryosculpt Body Shaping treatment and KKUM Facial Treatments to maintain her devilish figure. Although sources reported that Chua spends at least $14,000 a month just to look good, she revealed in an interview that she no longer needs to spend that much due to her endorsements and a helpful friend.

Life is surely good when you are living like a tai tai.

Other Quick Fun Facts

– She changed multiple times during interviews

– Never wears a dress twice

– Says no to candid shots and have two full-time maids to help her with her Instagram photos

– Has a new boyfriend named Terence Koh. Also has a son and a daughter named Cleveland and Calista respectively. Does not believe in pampering her kids.

– Owns a line of her own beauty products named Luminous1 since 2015

Dealing With Haters

Watch Video: Interview with Indonesia media Silet where Jamie Chua talked about her haters.

In an interview with Indonesia media Silet, Chua broke down into tears beside Indonesian pop celebrity and close friend Maia Estianty. Chua then further elaborated that she is being misunderstood for becoming rich effortlessly and that her ex-husband only became rich and successful after 10 years of hustling.

Jamie Chua reveals that an ex-friend turned enemy also threatened to throw acid at her due to not being able to benefit from her any longer.

Know more facts about Jamie Chua? Let us know here!


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