Anatoly: The Power Lifting Janitor

Anatoly: The Power Lifting Janitor
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Ever seen the Strongest Gym Janitor in the world? Well, here he is!

Anatoly’s YouTube channel

Anatoly is one of the latest sensations within the gym community, having a 180cm frame and weighing only 78 Kg, this insane Ukranian powerlifter has the strength of a 💯 men.

Anatoly has captured the eyes of millions with his mind-blowing feats of strength and captivating pranks. 

Having only weighed 78 at his height Anatoly shockingly breaks through everyone’s expectations and defies all logic, being able to outlift even the most seasoned gym enthusiasts who are twice as big 🤯.

Humble Beginnings 

According to multiple sources such as, Anatoly was born and raised in a cattle farm near the tiny village of Krishtopovka in 1999.

Anatoly was only exposed to American bodybuilding videos when the tiny village finally got internet.

Fueled by his newfound ambition and ingenious thinking, Anatoly constructed his own home gym using materials such as wood and spare parts from Soviet-era tractors!

At the young age of 15 Anatoly begins a rigorous diet of 7 meals a day consisting of cottage cheese eggs and tubs of oatmeal😋.

Vladimir’s talent was only recognised when he participated and clinched 3rd place at the 2018 Global Powerlifting Alliance (GPA) World Championships in Ukraine, competing fiercely in the 18-19 teenagers division.

However, it was his venture into Social Media as a content creator that propelled him into the limelight around the world.

Skyrocket To Fame🚀

In 2017 Anatoly began his Instagram voyage sharing his fitness journey on the platform, garnering rapid attention from the public.

Looking at the massive boom he has made in the gym community Anatoly decided to start a Russian YouTube channel where he quickly amassed around 1.9 million subscribers! 

Seeing the success of his Russian YouTube channel he wanted to reach a broader range of audiences his international YouTube channel was born, which now boasts a whopping 3.84 million subscribers, which grew at an astonishing rate of 5k subs per day.😎

But there was another reason for the change to an international channel…

Anatoly’s Instagram account

Anatoly was living in Moscow in 2022 when the war began, not wanting to deal with the consequences of war Anatoly left for Dubai, where he dedicated himself to learning English and revamping his content to a global audience.

Anatoly’s ranging videos of jaw-dropping lifts to his hilarious gym pranks have captivated viewers worldwide.

The Pranks🤡 And The POWER💪

However, Anatoly’s fame did not come about purely due to his insane superhuman strength but also his hilarious gym pranks.

Anatoly masquerades as a gym janitor going around finding the biggest man in the gym, sometimes even double his size, only to lift their personal record like the weights weigh nothing!

Video of Anatoly gym cleaner pranks 

Anatoly leaves everyone in the gym and the people he pranks dumbfounded and wondering how a man with a much smaller frame could be so much stronger.

Whether it’s squatting weights matching those of men twice his size or casually outlifting the biggest guys in the gym, Anatoly’s strength is undeniable.

But how strong is Anatoly exactly? Well according to the openpowerlifting organization, Anatoly has an impressive squat record of 210kg and a spectacular deadlift record of 290kg.

The Secret Sauce To The Power Lifts

Anatoly’s strength does not come from conventional training routines but from focusing on functional strength over sheer muscle mass, which is why he can lift so much despite his size.

By mastering technique and innovation, Anatoly has shattered the norms of the world of powerlifting, serving as an inspiration for fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

As Anatoly continues to push boundaries, his story stands as a testament to dedication and innovation in powerlifting.

If you want to be as strong and look as good as Anatoly you can check out his latest video talking about his new training program revealing every secret to his strength.

From Ukrainian villager to global fitness sensation, from humble beginnings to viral fame, Anatoly’s story inspires millions. Whether he’s pranking gym-goers or setting new lifting records, Anatoly Powerlifter proves that strength knows no bounds.

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