MeatCanyon: The Morbid YouTube Parody King

MeatCanyon The Morbid YouTube Parody King
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Like unhinged dark comedy and love stupid dumb shit comedy?

Well, have you ever heard of MeatCanyon? 

MeatCanyon- The Creator Of Modern Morbid Parody

MeatCanyon’s YouTube Channel

Many creators out there have done parodies of actors and modern-day content creators, but none have done so like MeatCanyon.

Where others draw the line in their sense of dark humour MeatCanyon crosses it like it’s a damn finish line.

Who Is MeatCanyon?

Meatcanyon is a YouTuber who has been gaining a lot of fame in recent years and is one of the only YouTubers brave enough to do silly parodies on famous actors, streamers, and other YouTube stars, let alone ones with a horrifying and disturbing tone while remaining comedic.

Renowned for his parody animations, MeatCanyon’s creations strike a delicate balance between horror and comedy, leaving viewers both disturbed and entertained. Here’s one of his many works.

This is a video made by MeatCanyon parodying Steve Harvey’s famous game show, Family Feud 

Real creepy isn’t it yet somehow it still captures the exaggerated reality of people he parodies. 

Rise In Fame And Hate

There are many reasons for MeatCanyon’s fame: his art style, the people he parodies, the unhinged dark humour etc.

MeatCanyon’s hyper-exaggeration of the people he parodies is so out of pocket that it makes the situation and people he parodies comedic rather than downright disturbing.

With MeatCanyon mastering the art of his twisted dark parodies gradually fans of his work started pouring in, admiring the pure silliness and wackiness of his parodies. 

But what really made him gain fame and respect was his IDGAF attitude. He simply states that if his videos are too disturbing or if the viewers can’t handle the cursed parodies they should just leave.

Of course, when you make disturbing parodies like MeatCanyon you’re bound to get backlash.

Many say that his content is way too disturbing and inappropriate for YouTube.

Others take offence to his videos (usually not by the celebrities themselves) claiming that MeatCanyon is harming the celebrities’ reputations and that it is very disrespectful of him to make these “awful” parodies of the celebrities.

A perfect example would be the recent Swifties situation.

The Crazy Cult Like Swifties

Recently MeatCanyon made a parody of the famous pop singer, Taylor Swift, poking fun at how if anything remotely bad were to happen to Taylor Swift her cult-like fans of hers would immediately run to her defence or offence.

When the more extreme Swifties caught wind of this parody they went ballistic on MeatCanyon, calling him names, sending death threats, essentially harassing him online, and trying to “cancel” him.

But let’s be honest nobody in their right mind would take the parody videos MeatCanyon makes that seriously as to threaten his life. The funny thing is that the Taylor Swift video, in my opinion, is one of his more tame parodies.

MeatCanyon’s parody of TaylorSwift and her “super” fans

But MeatCanyon responded nowhere near how many would think he’d react. Many would assume he would just roll over and apologise to the fans and Taylor Swift, but he did the exact opposite.

Instead of apologising to the fans and Taylor Swift MeatCanyon doubled down on his joke, he proceeded to make a full song parodying the way Taylor Swift makes her songs pissing off the Swifties even more.

Video made by MeatCanyon on his second channel PapaMeat reacting to Swifties

The Deeper Meaning Of His Videos

Despite how dark and twisted they seem, all his videos have a deeper meaning to them, MeatCanyon does not simply parody and give a cursed rendition of the people.

The exaggeration of the people shows bits of the reality of the people’s actions and personalities and shows how twisted and dark they may be.

For example, the parody he made of big-time Twitch streamer XQC, shows how a famous streamer for the sake of content spends hours upon hours in front of a computer screen, up to a point till XQC looks devoid of life.

The parody continues to show how XQC though he has so much wealth does not enjoy it and only cares about maintaining his viewership and fame and continues to change into a more and more terrifying monster.

Video made by MeatCanyon parodying XQC

MeatCanyon, whether you hate him or love him, MeatCanyon is a very entertaining content creator, which is why he was able to gain so much fame in a short number of years. 

Though his content may not be everybody’s cup of tea, you have to admit his work is certainly interesting and thought-provoking in a way, and it has definitely captured the attention of younger adults and teens around the world.

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