Who is Entrapranure? : The Parody Duo Making Satire Jokes About Sigma & Alpha Males!

Who is Entrapranure? : The Parody Duo Making Satire Jokes About Sigma & Alpha Males!
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Ever cringed or laughed at the ridiculousness and absurdity of Sigma or Alpha males?

Well, you are not alone, there has been a duo online, known as Entrapranure, creating content parodying and making a mockery of the various Alpha Sigma males out the, over exaggerating the kind of videos these “Alpha” Sigma males make.

But before we talk about Entrapranure let’s dive into the disgusting cesspool image of toxic masculinity conjured by the “Alpha” Sigma males out there.🤡

“Alpha” Sigma What The Hell Is That?🫠

Alpha Male Definition💀


Alpha males are often seen as natural leaders. 

They tend to take charge in social situations and are usually at the forefront of group activities.


They exude confidence and assertiveness, which can make them attractive to others. 

This confidence often translates into success in various areas of life, including work and relationships.


Alpha males are typically charismatic, able to draw people towards them with their charm and social skills.


They often exhibit dominant behaviour, which can sometimes be perceived as aggressive or overbearing.

Social Status: 

Alpha males usually hold a high social status within their peer groups.

Sigma Male Definition😑


Sigma males value their independence highly and often prefer to operate outside of traditional social hierarchies.


They are typically more introverted than alpha males, preferring solitude or small group interactions over large social gatherings.


Sigma males are self-sufficient and rely on themselves rather than seeking validation or approval from others.


They often reject societal norms and expectations, choosing to live by their own rules and values.

Quiet Confidence: 

Unlike the overt confidence of alpha males, sigma males possess quiet confidence. 

They are sure of themselves without needing to showcase it to the world.

What Is Wrong With These Mindsets?

Both of these mindsets, when taken far too seriously, become horrible for personal growth and a person’s social life. These labels simplify complex human personalities into a few rigid categories, ignoring the nuance and diversity of individual behaviour and characteristics.

These concepts are based on outdated and oversimplified models of animal behaviour (like wolf pack dynamics) that don’t accurately reflect human social structures.

Promoting these stereotypes can reinforce traditional gender roles and norms that are restrictive and outdated.

These labels often focus on perceived strengths while ignoring or downplaying weaknesses, leading to a lack of self-awareness and improvement, making them way too confident of themselves when they shouldn’t, giving them an overinflated ego.

Entrapranure Social Media Influnece

The Entrapranure YouTube Channel was only being created in 2022, yet it has gained a huge following of 612k subscribers on YouTube, and videos with over 20 million views! 

Additionally, Entrapranure has a TikTok account with over 300k followers and videos with millions of views

Entrepranure’s take on the “Alpha” Sigma mindset

Entrepranure makes loads of content making fun of these people who believe in these mindsets, mocking how many of today’s male youths are eating up the garbage being produced by “Alpha” Sigma influencers.

They do this by parodying the podcast and various “Alpha Sigma” academy courses or talks on making money being made by these radical influencers, and how people are actually taking any of the nonsense they say seriously is a joke within itself.

Thanks to the hilarious parody content they have made their fame and notoriety have skyrocketed, with many of their global audience agreeing with Entrapranure’s views and satire comedy.

This Video makes fun of how people give talks about how to make sales using emotional manipulation, one of their most viral videos garnering a jaw-dropping 21 million views.

These videos make fun of Joe Rogan’s interviews and shows how the guests he brings on his podcast are kinda insane so their words should  not be taken seriously.

This video of theirs is their Top viral video, being able to hit a record high of 29 million views.🤯

This Video by Entrepranure makes fun of the Tatet brothers and their opinion on how to raise a son, that tough love is the only way to raise a son to be independent and strong.

Simply put, Entrapranure is a channel of a duo that loves to make fun of these “Alpha” “Sigma” influencers who prey on their young audience who don’t know any better than to believe what they are told.

With their exaggerated satire comedy raking in more and more viewers every day, the Entrapranure’s YouTube and TikTok channels are destined to keep growing!

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