Traffic Cone Sax Man Viral TikToker Musician Wenzl McGowen: A Music Sensation In A Cone

Traffic Cone Sax Man Viral TikToker Musician Wenzl McGowen: A Music Sensation In A Cone
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Does the name Traffic Cone Sax Man ring any bells?

Traffic Cone Sax Man A.K.A. Wenzl McGowen, is the latest TikTok musical sensation playing the saxophone with a traffic cone attached to the end in public, humouring and entertaining audiences in real life and online.

Tiktok Video by Wenzl McGowen as Traffic Cone Sax Man, playing a saxophone with a traffic one attached to the end, on an escalator in a subway

Who is Wenzl McGowen

Wenzl McGowen is a talented musician able to play multiple instruments with a unique blend of influences and embodies a musical journey as diverse as it is captivating to the audiences.

Born in Spain yet carrying a distinct German accent, McGowen currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where his passion for music knows no bounds.

Wenzl McGowen’s narrative unfolds amidst the bustling streets of New York City, where destiny intertwines the paths of McGowen, Michael Wilbur, and James Muschler at The New School, birthing the innovative music band known as Moon Hooch.

Moon Hooch first started busking in 2010, playing in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, starting out playing mostly jazz but then moved to dance music after a better audience reception, before deciding to busk on the New York City Subway. 

Moon Hooch later became renowned for their groundbreaking albums like “Moon Hooch” (2013), “This Is Cave Music” (2014), and the recent masterpiece “Life on Other Planets” (2020), carved a niche with their dance-oriented percussion- and saxophone-based compositions.

Yet, McGowen’s musical exploration extends far beyond Moon Hooch’s sonic realms. 

With new band formations such as “The Godchildren” and “Psycho Panda,” he continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions, embracing experimentation with open arms.

The Alter Ego That Rose Wenzl McGowen To Fame 

Though Wenzl McGowen’s band Moon Hooch was doing relatively well, it was his alter ego, the enigmatic “Traffic Cone Sax Man,” that has recently thrust him into the spotlight. 

Introduced in 2013 as a means to deepen the saxophone’s resonance, this unconventional persona has evolved into a symbol of playful disruption, captivating audiences worldwide with viral pranks and “saxocone” antics in unexpected locales.

In November 2023, a spontaneous video filmed at Chipotle catapulted Traffic Cone Sax Man into the realm of internet sensation, amassing over 40 million views and 5 million likes on TikTok alone!


Traffic Cone Sax Man strikes at Chipotle #sax #art? #prank #party?

♬ original sound – WENZL

TikTok video uploaded by Wenzl McGowen showing Traffic Cone Sax Man playing his “saxocone” in a Chipotle restaurant chain

Recognising the viral potential after seeing the first video, Chipotle swiftly inked a partnership with McGowen to announce a promotional campaign featuring free Queso Blanco, leveraging his engaging and authentic content to resonate with their community.

Marking Traffic Cone Sax Man’s first branded partnership.


Did my first sponsored video! And of course it was with @chipotle!! haha! Get your free queso*! *$10 minimum purchase required. Use code QUESO22. 12/16-12/23/22, only, on Chipotle websites or mobile app only. Full terms:

♬ original sound – WENZL

The first sponsored TikTok Video posted by Wenzl McGowen in partnership with Chipotle

Traffic Cone Sax Man Got Talent

The collaboration with Chipotle marks just one chapter in McGowen’s ever-unfolding narrative.

McGowen’s talents extend far beyond the confines of social media, as evidenced by his audacious audition on America’s Got Talent. 

Despite facing skepticism from Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara voted “Yes”, sending him to the next round.

Sadly Wenzl McGowen was not selected as one of the 55 acts in the Semifinals, eliminating him from the competition.

However, McGowen’s Traffic Cone Sax Man persona left an indelible mark on audiences, showcasing his ability to captivate and inspire.

YouTube video by TALENTKINGHD showing Traffice Cone Sax Man’s full performance on America’s Got Talent.

Environmental Advocacy 

Beyond his musical pursuits, McGowen is a staunch advocate for environmentalism and sustainable living. 

Alongside his bandmates in Moon Hooch, he champions causes close to his heart, using his influence to effect positive change in the world. 

In a world filled with conformity, Wenzl McGowen stands out as a beacon of creativity and innovation. 

From Moon Hooch’s groundbreaking compositions to Traffic Cone Sax Man’s viral antics, Wenzl McGowen continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions

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