James Seo: The Gift Giving NPC Collabing With Big Time Names

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Remember back in 2021 when NPC streaming became a thing?

While most of the content made during this trend was boring uncreative and lazy, there are those who innovated on the idea and made the idea their own.

James Seo is a comedy content creator and social media personality who has recently been blowing up all over social media.

James Seo is known for quizzing, interviewing and often giving surprise mystery gifts to strangers in public places, and for collaborations with famous content creators and music stars, such as world-renowned YouTuber, MrBeast.

From Delivery Driver To TikTok Star

Originally just your normal college student in Utah, James Seo was working part-time as a delivery driver, delivering food around town, only making about USD$60 a day.

Today, thanks to a viral video and strategic brand deals, James Seo has skyrocketed to being a social media star, earning over $20,000 a month!

However, James Seo’s journey to fame was not instantaneous or easy. 

For almost two years, James Seo posted TikToks with very limited success, following trends and using popular trendy audio clips without finding a sustainable niche. 

It was not until James Seo tapped into a simple yet engaging video concept—asking college students what they’re listening to—that his fortune changed.

James Seo executed the video idea with a friend on the campus of Brigham Young University (BYU), which catapulted him to viral fame. 

The initial videos garnered hundreds of thousands of views overnight, and one of them now boasts over 24 million views.

The success of these videos led to a surge in Seo’s follower count and attracted lucrative brand deals. 

These deals range from song promotions to product endorsements, providing a significant boost to his income. 

Despite James Seo’s newfound fame, he remains grounded, managing his time between filming, editing, and his studies at the time.

Venture Into New Territory 

While TikTok has been a major platform for Seo, he has also ventured into YouTube, leveraging his viral TikTok content as YouTube Shorts. 

This big move by James Seo quickly gained him 100,000 new subscribers, YouTube verification, and a prestigious YouTube Button award. 

James Seo’s YouTube channel now provides an additional income stream through AdSense, adding approximately $1,500 monthly to his earnings!

However, James Seo’s aspirations extend far beyond TikTok and short form videos. 

James Seo envisions a career on YouTube, producing long-form vlog content similar to creators like Elliot Choy and Casey Neistat. 

Future Challenges To Overcome 

This transition to making long-form content is not without its challenges. 

High-quality vlogs demand significantly more time and effort than his quick TikTok videos, but James Seo is optimistic that his audience will support his creative evolution.

Despite his success, James Seo faces the challenge of maintaining audience interest while diversifying his content. 

Initially, the temptation to produce numerous sponsored videos led to a dip in his personal brand’s authenticity. 

James Seo has since scaled back on sponsorships to focus on creating content that resonates more genuinely with his audience.

James Seo acknowledges the volatile nature of social media fame and is prepared for the possibility of declining viewership and income.

Hence James Seo saves most of his earnings, maintaining a modest lifestyle. 

James Seo’s upbringing instilled a frugal mindset, which he believes will help sustain him regardless of his career’s trajectory. 

Some Of James Seo’s Viral Hits And Collabs With Stars

@itsjamesseo Giving the ultimate mystery gift with @MrBeast #thankyoujimmy ♬ original sound – James Seo

This video was posted by James Seo on his TikTok page garnering 21.4 million views!

In this video, James Seo managed to get to collab with YouTube Star MrBeast to give random strangers mystery gifts.

@itsjamesseo I FINALLY DID THE @The Chainsmokers ♬ original sound – James Seo

This is a video posted by James Seo showing him giving a gift to an American Electronic duo The ChainSmokers gaining 2.4 million views.

@itsjamesseo Giving away the new PS8 so drake collabs #koreannpc #mysterygift #drakeplscollab ♬ original sound – James Seo

This video was posted by James Seo giving away 2 PS4 Saying that it is a PS8, thi video garnered a jaw-dropping 34.5 million views.

In the face of uncertainty in his content-creating career, James Seo remains committed to his passion for content creation, and financially prudent. 

James Seo aims to balance audience expectations with his personal creative goals, hoping to build a lasting career that extends beyond viral trends.

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