Flashgitz: The Unhinged YouTube Animation Group That Rivals Meatcanyon

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YouTube is a treasure trove of diverse content, with channels catering to all tastes and ages. 

However, Flashgitz stands out for a very specific audience not meant for the faint of heart or younger audiences. 

The brainchild of Tom Hinchliffe and Don Greger, Flashgitz is a channel that revels in its gleefully profane animated videos. 

Flashgitz creations, often centred around video game parodies, are packed with the kind of immature humour you might find scrawled in a middle school notebook.

Their animation often reminds people of Meatcanyon, though the animation style may be the same as Meatcanyon’s Flashgitz’s animation is just as cursed.

Flashgitz’s Signature Style: Lowbrow and Proud

Flashgitz’s animations are a riot of irreverence. 

Take “Racist Mario,” their magnum opus viewed over 70 million times. 

The Racist Mario video was posted on YouTube on the Flashgitz YouTube channel gaining a massive 162 million views!

This video is a wild and wacky, NSFW ride through a Mario Kart race, where Mario goes on a rampage against non-Nintendo characters, delivering brutal, darkly humorous justice.

The reason why the video is titled Racist Mario is not even because Mario is a racist but because Mario is taking racing too seriously and killing everyone.

This content is decidedly not for the faint of heart or those easily offended, and it’s a real wonder how this video is not age-restricted or even taken down.

Tom and Don wear their sophomoric label like a badge of honour.

As they put it, their videos are lowbrow, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

This unapologetic embrace of crude humour is evident in their interactions and creative processes.

FlashGitz Origin Story Startin In Newgrounds

The duo’s journey began on Newgrounds, a haven for artists to share their edgy, often explicit animations.

 It was here that Tom and Don met and bonded over their shared love for crafting “dick-joke cartoons.” 

Their collaboration started with ambitious, chaotic projects that cemented their partnership and set the stage for their future YouTube success.

Creating a Flashgitz video is no small feat. Animation is a painstaking process, often taking three times longer than anticipated. 

Despite the erratic posting schedule, Tom and Don are always working on their next “fat baby,” ensuring a steady flow of content.

Pushing Boundaries with Every Video

The Flashgitz team takes their humour to extremes, not out of a concerted effort to shock, but because it’s a natural extension of their personalities. 

Flashgitz’s content often treads the fine line between offensive and hilarious, aiming to provoke laughter through well-crafted jokes, regardless of the taboo subjects they might touch upon.

Balancing humour and potential offensiveness is a delicate act. 

Flashgitz believes that any joke, no matter how dark, can land if it’s contextually sound and well-structured. 

This philosophy guides their creative decisions, ensuring that their humour resonates without crossing the line into tastelessness.

Navigating the Complex World of YouTube Content

Flashgitz’s content has occasionally flirted with the unfeasible, often due to what they call “content creep.” 

This phenomenon sees simple ideas balloon into complex narratives that challenge their production limits.

 Yet, it’s this very ambition that has led to some of their most beloved and memorable animations.

Inevitably, their provocative style attracts hate mail. 

One memorable incident involved a threat over Sonic the Hedgehog’s arm colour, highlighting the passionate, sometimes extreme reactions their work can elicit.

Expanding Horizons: From Parodies to Original Content

Looking ahead, Flashgitz is excited about branching into original content. While their video game parodies are a blast, they aspire to create unique worlds and characters, potentially transitioning to platforms like SVOD or TV. 

A big project that they are undertaking is SPACE KING, an evidently Warhammer40k-inspired series.

Flashgitz used their own money to fund a pilot episode hoping to gain financial support from their audiences to kick start their ambitious SPACE KING series.

After watching that hilarious video I’m sure many of you are eager to see what Flashgitz will come up with next for the SPACE KING series

Additionally, they have a second channel, “Tom and Don,” where they share shorter animations and behind-the-scenes content.

In essence, Flashgitz is a unique blend of raw humour, creative ambition, and a touch of controversy. 

Flashgitz’s work is not for everyone, but for those who appreciate their style, it’s a wild, entertaining ride through the boundaries of animated comedy.

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