Brandon Sloane: Play Boy To Kid Friendly Content Creator

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Do you remember when you were a young kid living the life of watching TV all day and having fun on your iPad watching your favourite YouTube content creator?

Well, Brandon Sloane would be one of today’s generation’s many child-friendly content creators, entertaining children and gifting children with amazing prizes.

But in the past, Brandon Sloane was not always your everyday child-friendly content creator….

Source: YouTube

Brandon Sloane Biography

Brandon Sloane is a social media influencer from the United States, who has captured the hearts of millions with his engaging and interactive content. 

Born on June 17, 2004, this 20-year-old Gemini initially rose to fame on TikTok before expanding his reach across various platforms, such as YouTube. 

Brandon Sloane’s first TikTok video debuted in January 2020, marking the beginning of his rapid ascent in the digital world, quickly gaining traction and building a loyal fanbase with his unique approach to social media challenges.

Brandon Sloane is best known for his short video content, where he hosts a variety of games with random participants. 

Popular segments like “Sketch Your Reward” and “Guess Your Prize” have become staples of his brand, drawing in a vast audience.

Brandon Sloane’s Net Worth

Estimations place Brandon Sloane’s net worth between $200,000 and $1 million, a testament to his success in leveraging brand deals and social media ad revenue. 

Brandon Sloane’s inspirational captions and engaging posts have garnered him a substantial following on Instagram, boasting over 560,000 followers on his handle @brandonsloanex.

Brandon Sloane on YouTube

Brandon Sloane’s YouTube journey began on September 7, 2023, with the publication of his first video. 

Despite joining YouTube a year prior, he has consistently uploaded content, amassing over 100 videos in just his first year!

Brandon Sloane’s YouTube channel now boasts more than 2.9 million subscribers. 

Source: YouTube

Brandon Sloane’s videos typically receive between a few hundred thousand to millions of views, reflecting a steady and engaged audience.

Fun Facts About Brandon Sloane


Brandon was born and raised in the United States, where he started his influencer journey.

Social Media Influence

Brandon Sloane has a strong presence across multiple platforms, with his TikTok account @brandon.sloane reaching 1.5 million followers.

Source: TikTok

Content Evolution

Initially known for controversial content involving interactions with women, Brandon has since shifted his focus to child-friendly material, often interviewing children and involving them in his giveaways. 

This pivot has not only broadened his audience but also refined his brand image.

The Big Change In Brandon Sloane’s Content

In March 2023, Brandon Sloane made headlines with a series of TikTok videos where he approached girls on the beach, asking if they would kiss or slap him. 

@brandon.sloane I dont have a girlfriend #fyp ♬ original sound – Brandon

This video was posted by Brandon Sloane on his TikTok page where he asked a group of girls whether they would rather kiss or slap him, this video alone gained him 9.8 million views!

While this controversial content initially drew attention, Brandon’s strategic pivot to child-friendly content has distinguished him from other influencers. 

Similar to MrBeast, he now focuses on challenges and giveaways, particularly involving children, which has resonated well with a wider audience.

Viral Hits By Brandon Sloane That Made His Fame & Fortune Today

Brandon Sloane’s interview with a boy named Desmond Benjamin went viral, significantly boosting his fame and solidifying his reputation as a versatile content creator.


♬ original sound – Brandon

This video was posted by Brandon Sloane on his TikTok page about the interview with Desmond Benjamin garnering a massive view count of 28.5 million.


♬ original sound – Brandon

This video was posted by Brandon Sloane on his TikTok page, which shows Brandon Sloane and a little girl who was participating in his game giving her a chance to win prizes. 

The video has given Brandon Sloane 20.1 million views

Brandon Sloane’s transformation from a playboy persona to a kid-friendly content creator highlights his adaptability and understanding of audience dynamics. 

Brandon Sloane’s ability to reinvent his brand while maintaining authenticity and engagement is a testament to his savvy as a digital influencer.

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