Vincent Gao: The TikToker Taking The Internet By Storm Making Harmless Pranks Online

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Remember back in 2012 when YouTube prank videos were the hottest thing on the internet, capturing the attention of everyone on the internet?

If you were a fan of those videos you’d be happy to know they are being brought into today’s era by Vincent Gao!

Who exactly is Vincent Gao and what kind of pranks does he do?

Vincent Gao is a popular American content creator, who has captured the hearts of millions with his lifestyle, comedy, and prank videos.

However, unlike other pranksters, his pranks are both enjoyable for the viewer and the prankee.

Best known for his imvincentgao TikTok account, Vincent has amassed over 6 million followers!🤯 

This is a picture of Vincent Gao’s TikTok page imvincentgao boasting a massive following of 6 million followers!

Gao’s unique blend of humour and engaging content has also garnered him significant success on YouTube, where he boasts over 4.6 million subscribers.

This is a picture of Vincent Gao’s YouTube Channel displaying his jaw-dropping subscriber count of 4.67 million.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Born in New York, Vincent Gao attended private school before diving into the world of social media. 

Gao’s journey began in late 2019 when he started posting on TikTok. 

Gao’s recent content quickly gained traction, leading to his rapid rise to fame. 

@imvincentgao Sneak up to girls, smack them with pillows, then change my sweater prank, and put a basket over their head 😂 #VincentGao #yeeitwasmee ♬ original sound – VINCENT GAO

Vincent Gao’s breakthrough moment came with the viral “Changing Sweater Prank,” which has received over 55 million views.

The video shows Vincent jumping out of the shelf like a little gremlin before throwing pillows at two girls and running around the store and changing out of his sweater, he would then walk past them pretending he had done nothing.

Vincent Gao’s Family and Personal Life

Vincent Gao’s family has been a significant influence on his content. 

Gao has younger twin brothers who frequently appear in his TikTok videos, adding a personal touch that fans love. 

His family support has played a crucial role in his journey to internet success.

What Inspired Vincent Gao And Who Were His Role Models

Vincent Gao’s inspiration stems from a mix of personal experiences and notable figures. 

Vincent looks up to his family, Kevin Hart, Logan Paul, the Impractical Jokers, and Kyle Ferguson. 

Describing himself as fun, bold, and noble, his content is a reflection of these influences, combining humour with genuine interactions.

Some Of Vincent Gao’s Viral Hits


♬ original sound – VINCENT GAO

This is a video posted on Gao’s TikTok page, imvincentgao gaining a massive view count of over 30 million!😲

The video shows Vincent Gao flipping up a stranger’s hoodie before putting a bucket over the man’s head and running away. Vincent would then walk past the man in different clothing pretending he did nothing to the man.


♬ original sound – VINCENT GAO

This video was posted on Vincent Gao’s TikTok page gaining 14.8 million views, the video shows him jokingly insulting a man saying the man looks like “trash” before correcting himself saying that he said, “Do you have cream for rash.”

Vincent Gao’s Future Aspirations: The YAWAWE Brand And Movies!

This young comedian founded YAWAWE in 2022, an entertainment company targeted at expanding his brand to include multiple personalities and diverse content, allowing him to reach a broader audience. 

Vincent attributes much of his success to persistence, especially on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, where he appreciates the transparency and creator support.

Looking ahead, Vincent aims to break into the movie industry and expand the YAWAWE brand with TV shows and podcasts. 

From a private school student to a social media sensationVincent Gao’s fame is proof of his creativity, persistence, and genuine connection with his audience. 

With over 6 million followers on TikTok and 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube, Vincent continues to entertain and inspire millions. 

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