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The coronavirus. For most of us who are on board with the stay-home movement, it is safe to say that we get bored pretty quickly. Some may Netflix and chill, some may get hit in the face by a swinging bottle, while others find joy in reinventing sports. But there is one creative dad in Shanghai, China, who went above and beyond in taking precautions to protect his baby from COVID-19.

Rather than doing this…

Or being really creative and becoming a centaur…

Cao Junjie, 30, designed a safety pod to be able to take his baby out for a stroll in the park.

What’s So Impressive About This COVID-19 Safety Pod?

Well, Cao Junjie’s creatively designed safety pod comprises of two parts – the cabin for the baby and a filtered breathing machine.

The cabin was originally a cat carrier.

After some modifications made, there’s now a glove extension on the cabin for Junjie to comfort and feed his baby without actually touching the baby.

There is also a monitor installed to display the current air quality of the cabin. The metric that it measures primarily is the carbon dioxide index, as it is integral to keep a sufficient supply of oxygen to the baby.

As it is apparent that babies’ respiratory systems are very weak and still developing, Junjie has determined that putting a mask on his baby was not an option.

According to Reuters, a whole month was spent on making and testing this baby safety pod to ensure that it can provide a safe and comfortable anti-COVID-19 environment for the baby.

Baby Safety Pod Was Modelled After Sci-Fi Game “Death Stranding”

As seen in Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece, Death Stranding, the baby safety pod created by Cao Jun Jie looks almost identical to the portable pod BB-28 was kept in.

Death Stranding Bridge Baby COVID-19
Image Source: YouTube

For those who haven’t gotten their hands on the most hyped game of 2019, Death Stranding is a game based in a post-apocalyptic world revolving around the idea of a sixth and final extinction event.

BB-28 is known as a bridge baby who helps the protagonist in the game detect invisible hostile entities.

Death Stranding Baby Pod COVID-19
Image Source: mensxp

Of course, the story continues to develop into something far more abstract and complex, for which you would have to play the game to understand the similarities between Death Stranding and the coronavirus situation we all live in currently.

Check out the trailer to get a glimpse of Death Stranding, while it is set for release on PC this year:

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