Meet Scumbag Dad: The Viral Orthodontist Parodying Annoying TikTok Trends

Meet Scumbag Dad: The Viral Orthodontist Parodying Annoying TikTok Trends
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Brad Podray an orthodontist from Ankeny, Iowa, whose alter ego has taken the internet by storm.

By trade, Brad Podray is an Ankeny orthodontist and is a new dad.

However, Podray’s alter ego Scumbag Dad is a comedian who’s channelled his seemingly boundless creative energy into almost every form of media. 

Scumbag Dad has done short-form videos, long-form videos, music, cooking shows and even dentistry.

Scumbag Dad’s Venture Into Content Creation

Podray’s journey of being a social media star began innocuously enough, as he and his wife, Hannah Sung, pondered the landscape of internet personalities. 

Inspired by the sincerity of “Your Korean Dad,” Podray conceived the antithesis—a character dripping with cynicism and sarcasm, aptly named Scumbag Dad, the exact opposite of “Your Korean Dad”.

The Scumbag Dad series gives a first-person view of a child with the world’s worst father. 

Under the guise of family days out, the Scumbag Dad, played by Podray, has his kid as the accomplice for drug deals, human trafficking and murder, with increasing severity of crimes.

Scumbag Dad’s content has a blend of sarcasm, satire and dark humour bringing about a unique and hilarious take on horrible parenting that his audience enjoys.

Compilation Video of Scumbag Dad Bringing His “kid” out 

However, his hard work and effort poured into Scumbag Dad hasn’t been paying off. 

This is due to the wide sentiment that social media sites like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram don’t help creative creators, favouring lazier work.

“I see people who have little or no creative skills, and they’re willing to lie and gain large platforms of their dishonest content,” Podray says.

So what does Podray do?

Podray started hopping around social media platforms as Scumbag Dad making parodies of viral Tiktok and Instagram trends.

Scumbag Dad started to make a mockery of viral sensations to show just how ridiculous these trends are. His content was well-received by his global audience.

And in a blink of an eye, Scumbag Dad catapulted from humble beginnings to stardom, accumulating a jaw-dropping following across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram!

With millions of followers hanging on his every word, Podray’s creation became a voice of irreverent satire, poking fun at the tropes and trends of online culture.

Scumbad Dad’s YouTube

Scumbag Dad’s Instagram

Scumbag Dad’s TikTok

Challenges Ahead For Scumbag Dad

But success came with its own set of challenges. 

Scumbag Dad found himself toeing the line of controversy, as his edgy humour occasionally clashed with the sensibilities of certain audiences or conflicted with policies of social media platforms. 

Yet, undeterred, he continued to push boundaries, collaborating with his wife Hannah Sung to breathe life into Scumbag Dad’s misadventures.

Scumbag Dad’s irreverent take on internet trends, from “Rich Vs. Really Rich” to reaction videos, showcases a mind brimming with creativity and wit.

Which Parodies Made Scumbag Dad So Famous?

Scumbag Dad didn’t get famous just from parodying a single trend, he parodied nearly all the viral trends!

One of his most viral videos garnered 1.4 million likes and 12 million views on TikTok!

The video makes fun of TikTokers filming themselves rewarding “true kindness” of folks on the street helping the TikToker when the video is clearly staged and just a sad attempt at gaining internet fame.

Scumbag Dad’s parody shows how fake these content creators can be by staging people showing “kindness” and making a fool out of all those who tried to follow this trend.


You’ll Never Believe the True Kindness Here (DON4TION L1NK ON B10) filmed at @joppaexperience at @Merle Hay Mall @Christine Skidz John @TrashMan

♬ original sound – Scumbag Dad

Scumbag Dad also parodies reaction videos stating how harsh and lazy the reacting TikTokers are, with a hilarious twist that the reactor is right beside the makings of the video giving them harsh live feedback.

Scumbag Dad also parodied couple trends where a love partner would bump into the other followed by a collage of photos, showing funny it seems that when someone bumps into another always falls in love.

Deeper Meanings Behind The Parodies

Scumbag Dad didn’t just make these parodies to poke fun at the content made but to also reveal the nature of online manipulation and commercialisation. 

Scumbag Dad’s scathing critique of the shallow and disgusting content masquerading as altruism exposes the underbelly of influencer culture, where morality is often commodified for clicks and views.

This kind of hilarious yet truthful parodies continue to further expand his influence and notoriety among other content creators, helping him skyrocket to fame.

How Is Scumbag Dad Different From Other Content Creators

As Scumbag Dad’s notoriety continues to grow, he harbours aspirations of expanding his creative horizons, envisioning a plunge into mainstream media. 

Yet, Scumbag Dad grapples with the dilemma of toning down his content for a wider audience while staying true to his original content and ideas

Amidst the sudden gush of internet fame, Scumbag Dad remains grounded in his role as a husband, father, and orthodontist. 

Despite the allure of digital stardom, his heart lies in the narrative tapestry of Scumbag Dad—a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft.

Unlike other content creators who are quick to switch personalities just because they are more “popular” that way.

Scumbag Dad emerges as a beacon of authenticity amidst a sea of superficiality.

Scumbag Dad challenges conventions, provokes thought, and above all, entertains—an Iowa influencer rewriting the rules of online storytelling, one darkly humorous video at a time.

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