Influencer Simulator: Parallel Live – Your Ticket to Virtual Fame!

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Influencers, an increasingly popular occupation in the modern era thanks to the rise of social media. 

Whether it is YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, many are allured by either the fame that comes with being an influencer or the fortune that influencers may earn, or even both. 

Is It Easy to Be A Famous Influencer??

With more people having the desire to become influencers, the competition is only getting tougher and tougher, where successful influencers are differentiated from less popular ones based on their hard work and creativity. 

Surely this means that nowadays, becoming an influencer and achieving the fame that people so desire would be more difficult right? Or would it? 🤔

Parallel Live: Now Anyone Can Feel Famous

Source: Parallel Live Simulator – Apps on Google Play

Enter the mobile app, “Parallel Live”, a novel “fame simulator” app crafted by the influencer computer scientist, Ethan Keiser. 

With this app, now anyone can experience what famous influencers feel, be it having many enthusiastic “followers” asking you, “How was your day? 🥰”, praising you, “You’re amazing! 🤩” or seeing the viewer count on your live streaming app reach numbers you never imagine yourself reaching.

Ethan Keiser – Computer Scientist, App Developer, Influencer

When you think of the average influencer on apps like TikTok and Instagram, what comes in to mind? Would it be fitness influencers, make-up and fashion influencers, or influencers who do food blogging? 

Nowadays, with enough creativity, anyone can be an influencer covering any industry! 

The creator of Parallel Live here, Ethan Keiser, is an influencer covering app development with a touch of psychology. 🧠

Does Ethan Even Need Artificial Viewers & Followers?

Source: Ethan Keiser’s TikTok Page

He can be found on multiple platforms including YouTube and Instagram, but TikTok would be where he certainly does not need artificial followers. As of the time of this article being written, he has an impressive 1.3M followers on TikTok! 😯

Influencer on TikTok, Computer Scientist on LinkedIn 

Outside of being an Influencer, Ethan graduated from Drexel University, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, specialising in Artificial Intelligence & Human-Computer Interactions.

He then worked as a software engineer at big companies like Morgan Stanley and Cisco.

Software Engineering or Social Engineering? Why Not Both!? 😎

Unlike many tech influencers who exclusively cover technology-related topics, Ethan also incorporates psychology into his content thus appropriately naming his YouTube channel, @socialengineer. 

Video by Ethan Keiser @socialengineer on Youtube

While his content may vary, his recent contents mainly showcase his Parallel Live app, where he goes to parties and clubs, pretending to be live streaming with tens of thousands of “views” where his “viewers”. 

Need a Wingman? Parallel Life’s Gotchu Covered 😉

In his videos, he would go to parties or events, then show him “live streaming” with many “views” to the party-goers, who would then be friendly and even intimate with him upon seeing the number of “views” he has. 

He then shares with his real viewers on TikTok to show how people can be so these “views” are enough to sway people’s opinions of you due to their desire to appear in front of “many viewers”. This begs the question, how effective is fame in changing one’s opinion of someone? 🤔

You’re live on Instagram!?

Source: Parallel Live – Apple Play Store 

So how does this app give you the feel of being a famous influencer? Well, if you are familiar with Instagram Live, Parallel Live emulates this feature. 

There will be an artificial interface, replicating the user interface of Instagram Live nearly perfectly. 

What truly gives the users the feel of fame, however, would be the artificial viewer count and viewer comments.

“Can I Be in Your Live?” “I Wanna Talk to Your Viewers!”

As seen in the screenshot of the app above, the viewer count there would be impressive for any influencer to reach, however, this app allows anyone to reach this viewer count. 

In fact, these numbers are not the limit of the “viewers” you can have. While free users of Parallel Live can only have up to 300 artificial viewers, users who purchase the premium version can have up to 100,000 viewers 🤯, giving users the true famous influencer experience.

Video by Ethan Keiser @socialengineer on YouTube

A famous influencer would not only have an impressive viewer count but also the same amount of comments from their dear followers. 

Did the Comments Just React to What I Said !? 😲

Powered by AI, Parallel Live will generate viewers who will actively write supportive comments to praise you as your “live stream” goes on. 

That’s not all though, as with the help of AI, these comments seemingly can respond to what’s being said on the “live stream” based on the keywords that either the user or who the user is talking to says.

While there are many more features that Parallel Live provides, especially to premium users, such as verification, comment-editing features, and many more, the above are the main features that we observe to be the ones that truly give the app’s users the feels of fame.

“This Will Make A Fine Addition to My Collection” – Scammers

While it can be fun to show off to your friends and family that you are a “famous live streamer” with many “followers and viewers”, there certainly will be concerns about malicious usage of this app. 

With the increasing prevalence of online scams, it will come as no surprise should one day scammers make use of this app to target their victims. 

Famous Influencer Giving “Free” Crypto Again? 🤔

After all, there have been instances of scammers using AI such as Deepfake to create fake content of actual famous influencers and political figures endorsing scam products. 

With Parallel Live, scammers could pretend to be “famous influencers” from other regions to lure potential victims into their traps with the promise of sharing their “fame and fortune”, thus giving online scammers another weapon up their arsenal of scams.

Rizz or Danger-rizz?

Malicious intents are unfortunately not exclusive to scammers, however, as people with impure desires may make use of this app to exploit many young people’s obsession with fame. 

As seen in the videos by Ethan, he was able to use Parallel Live to get the attention and even affection 😩 of some young girls just by showing them his “viewers” to make them think that he was truly a famous live streamer. 

Due to their obsession with fame, they may be willing to trust and follow anyone with many “viewers” all for the sake of potentially appearing in front of “many viewers”, possibly ignoring whatever red flags❗may have been raised.

Fame is Cool, but Don’t Be A Fool!

All in all, while Parallel Live can surely be fun to use to simulate yourself being famous, we ought to be aware of the possible malicious uses of this app. 

Although it can be thrilling to appear in front of many people and feel famous, we ought to ensure that this obsession with fame does not blind us to people with bad intentions.

Anyways if you ever come across a famous influencer, surely you would have known or at least heard of them right? 🤔 Be careful of who you go live with!