An Ever-Growing List of Gurus in Singapore (Annoying YouTube Ads)

list of gurus in singapore
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Annoying YouTube ads. We’ve all seen them and it doesn’t seem like YouTube will be putting any brakes on the ad torture (we are talking about double unskippable ads) anytime soon. What’s worse? When a 5-minute ad tells you that it only needs “35 seconds of your time”. Here’s a list of all the ‘gurus’ in Singapore that we have come across on YouTube so far.

P.S. there’s a recent article by the Straits Times which reported a potential crackdown on property investment courses. This consolidated list only serves as a reference for anyone who wishes to keep track of the ‘gurus’ in Singapore, and we leave the legitimacy of any of the gurus here up to your own judgements. 

There is also a MAS Investor Alert List which provides a list of unregulated persons/entities who may have been wrongly perceived as being licensed or regulated by MAS; the list is not exhaustive. Thus, you should exercise caution at all times even if the entity is not in said list.

Ecommerce Gurus

Benjamin Tan (Leap Vista) 

Kennedy Chew (Leap Vista)

Dominic Tay (LeverageLeap)

dominic tay2

Imran Md Ali (alternate name Benjamin)

Steve Tan/ Evan Tan (Super Tan Brothers, Leap Vista Founder)

Gabriel Wong (Leap Vista)

Andrew Tan (E-com Freedom Maker System)

Ewen Chia (Ultimate Internet Success)

Investment/Finance Gurus

Pauline Teo (Value Investing College, or Invest with VIC)

Ace Success Academy 

Wealth Mastery Asia

Property Investments Gurus

Germaine Chow & Shawn Lee (The I Quadrant)

Dr Patrick Liew (Mencius Advanced Property Investment Course)

Miscellaneous Gurus

Kevin Foong (Fengshui)

YouTubers who are doing guru reviews

And of course, with high ad frequency comes great YouTube guru reviews. 

There are a number of YouTubers who have done a few reviews which may help Singaporeans make an informed decision as to whether they should invest thousands of dollars into the gurus.

Some of them have made great sacrifices where their videos will undoubtedly receive takedown requests. 

They are none other than:


Dean Yap


Know any more gurus that we should know of? Let us know in the comments below!


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