Have A Bunch Of Great Photos With Your Ex In It? Hire An Artist To Edit It!

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Just broke up with your other half but not willing to part with the nice photos you have taken? Ever wanted to remove your ex from your graduation and holiday photos? An artist and make-up enthusiast know by her Twitter handle @SICKINSIDE (formerly @hexappeal) has started the trend to remove your ex going.

For just 10 bucks per photo, the artist has offered her service on Twitter with a not so perfect sample before-and-after photo, promising to remove your annoying ex from your fondest memories.

Her tweet to remove your ex has blown out of proportions with over 160,000 likes, 18,000 retweets and an insane ton of replies.

Most Responses Were Positive But…

Most customers were satisfied with her work, which was apparently all done on a iPhone.

Some clients of @SICKINSIDE also expressed their gratitude towards her, sharing the results of their orders online. One poached customer by the handle @RishyTweets also tweeted how much it meant to her to remove her ex out of her “Student of the Year” photo since she did not have a single solo picture from that memorable event:

However, a few users have noticed something peculiar in @SICKINSIDE’s sample before-and-after photo, the foot of the ex-boyfriend in the sample photo is still present in the photo…

So what are your thoughts on this service to remove your ex? Could this be a viable business? Let us know in the comment section below!

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